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XHTML For Dummies

Welcome to XHTML For Dummies!

You have reached the XHTML For Dummies Web Pages, a charming, and hopefully helpful, addition to the Web universe. These pages are designed to aid you in three key areas:

To help you find current information about XHTML on the Web

To provide working examples and code for all the Web tricks in the book

To introduce XHTML For Dummies -- your friendliest resource for XHTML material offline!

To ease navigation and make load time speedy, this site has been diced into eight easy-to-swallow sections:

FTP Resources - Templates, scripts, and other useful goodies to help you build your own Web site.

Site Overview - A birds-eye view of the entire site that helps you find just what you need.

Book Contents- A complete listing of everything in the XHTML For Dummies book.

Book URLs - Links to all the URLs mentioned in the book.

Book Examples - Detailed examples of all the techniques discussed in the book. This portion of the site includes a nice collection of templates and graphics to help get you started.

HTML Context Applet - Wondering which elements you can nest within which others? Use our handy applet to find out.

Wayfinding Toolkit - Lost? Find your way with the aptly named Wayfinding Toolkit.

Contact Info - Have any questions or comments? Share them with us!

Please spend some time exploring, and be sure to e-mail us your comments, if you feel so inclined. Enjoy!�