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Please note that all material on this page is confidential. Please see the non-disclosure agreement at the end of this page for details.
Book Title Type of Book* Publisher # of Writers Needed** Estimated Launch Date*** Estimated Length of Project Payment Type LANW Contact
Cabling textbook Textbook Jones & Bartlett 1-2 (3 chaps.) 2/2004 5 weeks Work for hire KL

LANWrights Contacts:

DR = Dawn Rader (, 512-252-7497)

KL = Kim Lindros (, 512-250-0105)

MB = Mary Burmeister (, 512-252-7497)

Author fees (subject to change depending on the type and length of book): $20+/final typeset pg for works for hire; $8-$15/pg plus royalties for royalty-based projects. Note: Writers must generally contribute 25% or more to a manuscript to qualify for royalties at LANWrights, or by special agreement for lower amounts.

Technical editor fees: Generally $3/pg; LANWrights recommends technical editors to the publisher—the publisher hires tech editors directly, creates a schedule, and oversees the work.

*Type of book:

**Author Roles:

Note: Authors are required to participate in an author review stage, which usually begins about halfway through the author first submission stage. Author review includes answering queries from tech editors and development editors, and reconciling error summary reports.

*** All actual project launch dates are determined by the publisher; dates presented here are best guesses. Consult the designated contact for more information.

Non-Disclosure Agreement:

If you inquire about a book project, that information is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the publisher. You are obliged to honor LANWrights' parent company's (iLearning's) non-disclosure agreement regarding work considered or undertaken under this agreement. That is, you may not divulge or disclose anything about the work considered or undertaken, nor divulge the nature, substance, details, timing, contents, or other material information relevant to the work. All communications about the project should be restricted only to other individuals bound by a similar NDA; specifically, to employees of LANWrights, iLearning, or other authorized third parties and contractors made known to you through one of these other parties as being bound by NDA as well. All information about the work must be held in confidence until one year after any related publications or work products are released for public consumption.

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