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Availability, Structure, and Pricing


Both the introductory and intermediate classes are available for immediate delivery. These topics have been extremely popular at Austin Community College, and have been fully booked for all classroom renditions for the past four semesters. Online offerings have also been enthusiastically accepted, and we expect continued rates of high subscription for these topics for the foreseeable future. Institutions can use these courses to upgrade their public image, and to increase enrollment for adult or continuing education classes with a decidedly professional development flavor.


Each of these classes is structured for delivery over a one-month period, where each student is expected to complete three hours worth of equivalent classroom material per week. The software tracks student completion rates, and notifies instructors when students are lagging behind, or appear unlikely to be able to complete the materials in time. Likewise, each module includes two related mastery tests, where a student who fails one is drilled to prepare to take a second test. Any student who fails both tests automatically causes the software to send an e-mail notification to the instructor, who can perform a one-on-one followup, and then deliver a third mastery test, if necessary. Scoring and grading are automatic, but can be manually overridden by the instructor should the need arise.


LANWrights charges a percentage of the institution's class fee as a royalty for use of its materials, and access to its instructors, equal to $50 per student or 35% of the class fee, whichever is greater. LANWrights normally charges an initial advance against royalties per semester of $1,500 per course (which requires only 30 students to sign up for an institution to break even, based on current ACC pricing), and relies on the institution to register students and collect fees. Furthermore, LANWrights does not expect payment until 30 days after completion of any given class, pending notification of grades and completion status via hardcopy or e-mail from the training software itself.

Instructor Bio

Ed Tittel

Tittel is an 18-year computer industry veteran who's spent the last ten years working on nearly 100 computer trade books on a variety of networking and Internet related topics, and has over 300 magazine articles to his credit as well. Ed is the President of LANWrights, a member of the NetWorld + Interop faculty, and a former Director of Technical Marketing at Novell, Inc., where he oversaw technical content for trade shows and developer conferences. For a more complete bio, please visit Ed's Web page at http://www.lanw.com/staff/etbio.htm.

For More Information

For additional questions or comments, please send an e-mail to etittel@lanw.com. You can reach LANWrights at 512-252-7497 during normal business hours. The company's fax number is 512-252-8439.

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