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Training is a primary focus for LANWrights. Our training services include classroom and Web-based delivery of Web- and Windows-related courses. As part of our online training efforts we've also developed a powerful content delivery and testing environment that is entirely Web-enabled, but that also works on CD ROMs as well (over 1,000,000 copies shipped to date). Read on to learn more about three areas of endeavor that are key to LANWrights' training services.

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Classroom Training
LANWrights staff members present tutorials, workshops, and seminars on a wide variety of topics at some of the nation's largest and most prestigious trade shows and conferences. We also teach classes on HTML, XML, and Windows at Austin Community College as part of their Webmaster Certificate program. Prospective students can learn about these classes, while former students can download materials from prior training sessions here.

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Web-Based Training
Web-based training supplies educational institutions and employers with a cost-effective, non-proprietary method for delivery of training on a wide variety of subjects via the Internet or an intranet. This section of our Training Center includes a short demonstration of our Web-based training environment and samples of materials included in the first of our seven Internet-related courses--namely, our class entitled "An Introduction to the World Wide Web and HTML."

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Training & Testing Software
The success of any Web-based training effort depends as much on the quality of the training environment as it does on the quality of the content presented. Successful training also requires usable evaluation tools that allow instructors to test their students' knowledge and understanding of the materials they present.
LANWrights' training and testing environments provide instructors and corporate trainers with a set of effective, easy-to-use tools to develop and administer Web-based courses. Visit this portion of the Training center to learn more about our training and testing software. You can also try out any of several demos of our test engine and survey tool, and obtain copies of your answers via e-mail.

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