Dawn Rader

Dawn Rader Email: dawn@lanw.com
Address: 2207 Klattenhoff Dr., Austin, TX 78728
Phone: 512-252-7497
Fax: 512-252-8439

Dawn Rader has been a networking writer, editor and researcher since 1993. Before joining LANWrights in 1995, she was the Managing Editor at NetWare Solutions, a magazine targeted at NetWare systems engineers and administrators.

Since joining LANWrights full time, she has performed duties as Managing Editor on over 85 books. She is co-author of the Windows 2000 Server Exam Prep, from Certification Insider Press. In addition, she is a principal author, with Ed Tittel and Stephen N. James, on the AP Professional book, Computer Telephony, and is a contributing author on several others, including The PC Networking Handbook (AP Professional), and the Networking Essentials Exam Cram from Certification Insider Press.

Her goals include continuing her work in project management and editing, laying out and designing publications, and authoring more books.

In her spare time, Dawn enjoys doing Hatha Yoga, reading, dancing, and shooting pool. When not doing one of those, she's usually being walked by her 120-pound black Labrador Retriever, Benjamin, or being trained by her fat black cat, Boo.

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