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Exam Cram Adaptive Edition Is Great!

Following the success of the first edition of the Exam Cram Core Four Pack, we expected that the release of our second "Adaptive Edition" would enjoy modest success and brisk sales. Boy, were we wrong! The substantial first printing sold into the channel in about two months, and Coriolis has already had to reprint all four titles and build more Four Packs. Despite the substantial sales of our first editions (over 150,000 copies for all four titles), the adaptive edition is selling even more strongly, and there appears to be plenty of demand for the new version that remains to be satisfied. Also riding high are initial orders for adaptive editions of TCP/IP (out the first week of June, 1999) and IIS 4.0 (due in late June or early July, 1999).


New Books

In the past four months, the following titles have been released:


Recent courses

In April, Michael and Ed taught a one-day version of their Windows NT Security class at the spring version of TISC, The Internet Security Conference, in the Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose. They must have done a good job, because they've been invited back to teach again at the fall iteration of TISC in Boston.

In early May, Michael and Ed taught a one-day Windows NT Optimization and Tuning class, followed by a two-day version of the Windows NT Security class, at Interop in Las Vegas. With larger groups in attendance than ever before, they had the chance to try out a retuned version of the Security class, thanks to feedback from the attendees at TISC the month before. Here again, the boys will take the same show on the road again in the fall, when they teach this same slate of classes at Interop in Atlanta in September.


Other Recent News

Please help us welcome our newest employee, Chelsea Valentine, to the LANWrights family. Chelsea will be helping to administer the online classes for ACC (which she may also teach in the classroom next fall), and will be handling LANWrights' Web site from here on out. She's already made a significant dent in our Exam Prep, Exam Cram, and Study Guide errata, and is helping to clean up our act in other areas, too. Chelsea's a "returned veteran"--she worked for us off and on from 1994 through 1997, when she left town to work for the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), a southward-looking think tank, where she also managed their Web site.

Kyle Findlay, our chief administrator, finance guy, and Jack of all trades, spent the Memorial Day weekend in the recording studio, laying down tracks for his next CD with his band, Terminal 46. We're prepared to pop in some earplugs and join in the celebration when the release party happens later this summer. In the meantime, we try to keep Kyle busy during the day, managing our systems, handling our bills, and digging into Linux topics. (Kyle will be a contributor to our forthcoming Linux Exam Prep book for Coriolis, which should kick off this month.)

Our former WebMaster and colleague, Natanya Pitts, is expecting a baby in September. We haven't been bashful about keeping her busy--she's been working on our online HTML classes for Austin Community College all semester, and just helped Ed complete revisions for a 5th edition of HTML For Dummies. We hear there's a potential revision of XML For Dummies in the works, too!

Ed's been traveling quite a bit lately on business, including in-store appearances at Fry's in their San Jose and Sunnyvale stores in May, a trip to a couple of MEI Microcenters in March, and regular visits with the folks at Coriolis in Scottsdale for meetings and whatnot. Ed also presented information about certification programs to Coriolis' international distributors at the Book Expo of America in Los Angeles in early May as well.


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