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January, 1989
"Making the Connection: Can IBM PCs, Macintoshes, and VAXes harmonize in the workplace?" pp. 317-325. By Ed Tittel
Discussion of state of the art hardware and software that links PCs, Macs, and VAXes together in the workplace.
"Connecting Cheap!" p. 318
Overview of less expensive alternatives to networking for connecting machines mentioned above.
Computer Currents
May 5, 1998
"Is Your ISP a Good Fit?" By James Michael Stewart
How to pick an ISP that's tailor-made for your business.
Computer Life
September, 1996
"Fixing Flaky SCSI," pp. 137-139. By Ed Tittel and Bob LeVitus.
Q&A on a number of topics, including SCSI device attachments, reading USENET newsgroups, compression utilities, and more.
June, 1995
"Let Your Spreadsheet Do the Cooking," pp. 163-164. By Ed Tittel.
Using a spreadsheet to convert recipes for two to recipes for 20 (or 200!) can be a snap if you know your units of measurement, and follow a few rules. This article details how to do just that.
March, 1995
"Five Fast Tune Ups," pp. 111-115. By Ed Tittel and Alice Hill.
Five quick fixes that can upgrade your system that are simpler than tuning your car, and guaranteed to be grease-free!

"Three free (or almost free) performance boosters," pp. 112-ff. By Ed Tittel.
A discussion of three cost-efficient ways to improve the performance of PCs by a better backup, defragmenting a hard disk, and cleaning up the PC file system.

December 5, 1995
"Resolving differences on mixed-machine LANs," pp. 86-87. By Ed Tittel.
Case studies of users moving data among various minis and mainframes to and from Macintoshes (Motorola, Hart Information Systems, Schlumberger).
Connect: The Journal of Computer Networking
Spring, 1989
"Islands in the Sun," p. 58. By Ed Tittel.
A description of Texas A&M's Engineering Experiment Station Mac-PC networking.

"The Laboratory Mac," p. 58. By Ed Tittel.
Macintosh networking at Motorola's Shaumburg, IL plant.

"Leading Edge Macintoshes," p. 61. By Ed Tittel.
ARCO's Plano, TX, networking environment uses Macs in a mixed AppleTalk, TCP/IP setting.

April, 1996
"Back to Basics: SNA," pp. 12-20. By Ed Tittel and Dave Smith.
An overview of SNA protocols, practices, and terminology reprinted by permission from the AP Professional book: The PC Networking Handbook (Boston, MA, 1996; ISBN 0-12-691398-6).
July, 1995
"AppleTalk," pp. 2-14. By Ed Tittel and Dave Smith.
An in-depth AppleTalk tutorial.
January, 1997
"Choose the right platform and NOS for your intranet," pp. 118-126. By Ed Tittel and James Michael Stewart.
Excerpts from our just-published Intranet Bible from IDG Books, this article talks about selecting the right kind of server and server operating system for intranet use.
October, 1996
"Let NT Connect Your Intranet," pp. 127-132. By Ed Tittel and James Michael Stewart.
Collection of edited exerpts taken from the Intranet Bible
September, 1996
"Use NT for Your Web Server," pp. 131-136. By Ed Tittel, Mary Madden, and David B. Smith.
Collection of edited abstracts taken from Building Windows NT Web Servers.
February 3, 1997
"DoubleTake lessens impact on network performance," p. N/5. By James Michael Stewart.
In Michael's first solo article, he takes a no-holds-barred look at a multi-platform enterprise-capable backup system called DoubleTake, which mirrors the contents of selected directories or volumes on one server to another server across the network in near-real-time.
April 29, 1996
"OnNet32 brings Windows onto the Internet in style," p. I6. By Ed Tittel and Mary Madden.
A review of FTP Software's OnNet32 integrated communications software for e-mail and Internet access.
April 8, 1996
"Web technology saves tax system from obsolescence," p. 59. By Ed Tittel.
A case study of the incorporation of an intranet HTML front end to a legacy IBM mainframe data to improve accessibility.
October 9, 1995
"Write it, format it - once," pp. 59-61. By Ed Tittel.
A discussion among World Wide Web (WWW) publishing leaders from the IRS, Novell, and technical publisher O'Reilly and Associates on how to coordinate successful Web publishing projects while avoiding duplicate data problems.
August 14, 1995
"Manager's bulletin board," p. 59. By Mary Madden and Ed Tittel.
A discussion of reliance on SNMP and DMI standards for network managers who suffer from disjointed, unwieldy, and patchwork vendor components and utilities.
"Piecing together Network Management," pp. 53-58. By Ed Tittel.
A discussion of the problems and issues faced by network managers who seek to use network management systems and software to help control and handle their networks (numerous sidebars, including discussions of current networking standard, and on-line resources about network management).
April 3, 1995
"Multiprocessing nears prime-time," pp. 51-52. By Ed Tittel.
A discussion of multiprocessing computing systems technology and terminology, with an analysis of today's marketplace for MP systems, along with predictions for emerging trends.
August 5, 1992
"Ins and Outs of NetWare Backup," pp. 105-107. By Paul Birch and Ed Tittel.
A description and analysis options available for backing up Netware LANs, including investigation of new Storage Management System alternatives for the upcoming release of NetWare 4.0.
June/July, 1996.
"SuperPrint Lives up to its Name," pp. 19-20, and "Internet Utility for Globetrotters," p. 22. By Ed Tittel and James Michael Stewart.
Two short reviews: The first of a Windows 95/NT print utility, and the other of a time zone display and clock management program.
November, 1995
"Just Browsing," pp. 48-52. By Stephen N. James and Ed Tittel.
An overview of various World Wide Web browsers. Some view the Web with graphical style and grace, while others take a no frills approach.
June, 1995
"Out of the Slow Lane," pp. 83-89. By Ed Tittel.
A description of how to optimize hardware and software for speed to access the riches of information on the Internet and the World Wide Web in an efficient manner.
LAN Magazine
35 articles between 1988-89.
MacWorld Magazine
August, 1990
"Flash: An AppleTalk File Transfer Utility," p. 205. By Ed Tittel.
Review of Beagle Bros. Flash file transfer and chat utility for Macintoshes.
December, 1995
"Making Room in Your Ram," pp. 42-46. By Stephen N. James and Ed Tittel.
Discussion of how to run your favorite Windows applications without having an "out of memory" experience.
November, 1994
"Point & Click Talk Windows," By Bob LeVitus and Ed Tittel.
Semi-monthly Windows help column with a humorous twist.
July, 1996
"The Intranet Means Business," pp. 121-127. By Ed Tittel and James Michael Stewart.
Covers the whys and wherefores of the Intranet phenomenon in businesses and organizations all over the world, where Internet technologies are deployed for internal use, often with outstanding results.
April, 1996
"Tool Lets You Build a Brave, New Virtual World," pp. 44. By Ed Tittel and James Michael Stewart.
A review of one of the early 3-D Virtual World modeling tools for creating VRML Web sites.
June, 1995
"You Send Me: Open your own virtual post office with electronic mail software that delivers," pp. 57-60. By Ed Tittel.
An overview of e-mail software for PCs, with discussion of desirable features, capabilities, and things to seek out (and avoid) while becoming e-mail literate.
Netware Advisor
October, 1990
"Open Systems: Towards a Unified Network Management Strategy," pp. 12-13. By Ed Tittel.
A discussion of levels of network management and the systems and standards involved to meet them.

"Using Portables as File Servers," pp. 1, 11-13. By Ed Tittel.
An overview of how to set up a portable PC as a NetWare server, with discussion of possible applications, Novell-certified portable platforms, and rules for use.

September, 1990
Interview with Gary Stimac, VP, Engineering, Compaq Computer, 2 pp. By Ed Tittel.
Selections from a transcript of a telephone interview that covered EISA vs. MicroChannel, superserver technology, Compaq's marketing plans, and state of the networking art at Compaq.
August, 1990
"Using the Novell LANalyzer," pp. 3-6. By Ed Tittel.
Hands-on description of using the LANalyzer to troubleshoot common network problems.
PC Magazine, Networking Edition
August, 1995
"Close-up 6.0," p. 283. By Ed Tittel.
Short review of Close-Up 6.0, evaluating the features and functions of this remote control by Norton Lambert.

"CoSession for Windows 2.0g," pp. 283-ff. By Ed Tittel. Brief evaluation of Triton Technologies' remote access program.

November 22, 1994
"Avanti takes NetWare to task," pp. NE40. By Ed Tittel.
First-Looks: short review of Avanti Technologies TaskMaster, a NetWare NLM that provides scripting facilities, along with a scheduler for running unattended batch jobs.
October 11, 1994
"Don't Touch That Keypad," pp. NE37-38. By Ed Tittel.
First-Looks: Short reviews of Clearwave Communications' Intellect Telephone PC Link and OCTuS, Inc.'s Personal Telecommunications Assistant, with a sidebar on Centrex telephone services.
PC World Magazine
February, 1996
"Reliably yours: choosing a reliable PC server," pp. 120-122. By Ed Tittel and Mary Madden.
Reseller Resource
February, 1990
"A Survivor's Tale: UNIX: Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow," pp. 4-ff. By Ed Tittel.
Overview of UNIX history and markets, including development and elaboration inside and outside Bell Labs.
SunWorld Online
September, 1996
"Benchmarking the Web." By Ed Tittel.
An examination of numerous Web benchmarks, including the recently announced SPECWeb benchmark. Includes sidebars on Web benchmarking requirements and an interview with Dan Connolly of the W3C about Web benchmarking in general.
Web Informant
January, 1997
"VRML: The Web's Likely Future," By Ed Tittel and Cliare Sanders.
Windows NT Magazine
September, 1996
"Multi-Homing on the Web," pp. 87-93. By Ed Tittel and Mary Madden.
How to set up and configure your NT Server to play host to multiple virtual Web sites on a single machine.
August, 1996
"Primary Domain Controllers, Backup Domain Controllers, and Availability," pp. 75-78. By Ed Tittel and Mary Madden.
Implementing a backup of your primary domain controller will help keep the network running should the primary ever fail.
July, 1996
"Easy Access to the Internet," By Ed Tittel and Mary Madden.
Using RAS and dial-up services to connect a Windows NT-based LAN to an Internet Service Provider.
March, 1996
"Extend Your Web Server," By Ed Tittel and Mary Madden.
A review of methods for extending Web servers beyond simple text displays, including Java, Internet Studio, VRML, and animation techniques.
September, 1992 - August, 1993
"Point and Click Talk Windows," Bob LeVitus and Ed Tittel.
A monthly column dedicated to answering user questions about Microsoft Windows.


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