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The Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform certification is the first level of certification for the Java language. Sun started certifying programmers back in 1996 when the 1.02 JDK was the current language version. The Java 2 Platform (or JDK 1.2) was released in December 1998, and we are now up to SDK 1.4 as the official release.

As more and more of the big software vendors committed heavily to Java, a multi-vendor certification initiative was created. These vendors, such as IBM and Novell have some specialty Java certifications under development but the initial level of certification remains the Sun Certified Programmer.

Current information on the multi-vendor certification initiative supported by IBM, BEA Systems, Sun Microsystems, and a number of training organizations can be found at: the JCert Web page. This organization was moribund for several years but now seems to have become much more active.

The Exam Objectives

As of August, 2002, Sun has two Sun Certified Programmer certifications! Follow these links for the different objectives.

Visit Sun's FAQ about various exams. Note that the site is run by the education division of Sun, not the Java division.

New Exam Cram Book!!!

Hurrah! The new Java 2 Programmer Exam Cram 2 (ISBN 0789728613) book that Marcus Green and I revised for the 310-035 exam is now available! Click here to buy the book from It came out in March, 2003 from Que Publishing—a highly respected source of training materials and study guides. The first and second editions of this book were quite popular and went to multiple printings, but the publisher (Coriolis) went out of business.

Fortunately, Que Publishing picked up the entire Exam Cram series, renaming it Exam Cram 2. These books are carefully designed to help you cram for specific exams. If you want a general Java text, look elsewhere, but if you want to cram for the 310-035 exam, this is your best and lowest-cost solution.

You can get a preview look at a sample of the exams in that book in the Applet simulation listed below or in HTML format at my new Web site! Check out information about the Java 2 Programmer Exam Cram 2 book on that site as well.

Bill's Practice Certification Exams

This applet simulates the environment of the Java 2 Programmer Certification Exam (310-035) as administered by Prometric. The questions are based on the Java 2 exam objectives document as published by Sun. This is a small subset (43 questions) from the multiple example exams in the new Exam Cram book.

For 640x480 displays
For 800x600 displays
For 1024x768 displays

We have been running various versions of these tests online since March of 1998, accumulating information on those aspects of the Java certification exam that people have the most difficulty with. This information has helped in the creation of the new book.

Over 10,000 test results have been recorded in the last year or so. I have selected 19 of the most frequently missed questions on a variety of topics and placed them in the following Hardest Questions Collection. If you get a good score on these you should have no fear of the real test.

Marcus Green's Java Programmer Certification Exam And Training Web site includes discussion groups, several downloadable mock exams, tutorials plus a lot of other resources. Marcus has been operating this site for years and has refined the tutorial based on the questions of students preparing for the exam. NEW! Marcus is selling PDF copies of his tutorial at The tutorial is over 270 pages and purchase includes access to a large mock exam database! Marcus also contributed to the 2nd Edition of my Java 2 Exam Prep book and the new release of Java 2 Programmer Exam Cram 2 from Que!

The number of sites devoted to Java Certification has grown so much that I am moving the full list to a new page.

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