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This applet simulates the environment of the Java 2 Programmer Certification Exam (310-035) as administered by Prometric. The questions are based on the Java 2 exam objectives document as published by Sun. This is a small subset of the questions in the multiple example exams in the new Exam Cram book.

The applet will randomly select questions from a database of 43 questions. This set covers all of the primary objective categories for the real exam. After the last question the test will be graded. From the grade display you can review the questions and click on each answer option to see the author's comments.

Questions with Checkboxes

Note that questions which may have multiple correct answers show square checkboxes. In the current Sun exam, they give a hint as to the number of correct answers in this type of question. Since this was not true in earlier versions and may change back, and to make the exam a little harder, I don't give a hint. Also to make it a little harder, the number of options which are correct can vary from 1 to all. There will always be at least one correct option.

You can submit comments on any question after the test is graded, just click the Comments button. I would love to discuss your opinions but I can't if you don't include an email address, please include an email address with each comment.
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