The Hardest Questions Simulation

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This set of 19 questions has been selected from all of those presented over the last year on this web site as being the most frequently missed in each category. If you get a good score here, you should do well on the real exam. After the last question the test will be graded. From the grade display you can review the questions and click on each answer option to see my comments. In many cases I have noted the most frequent errors.

Note that questions which may have multiple correct answers show square checkboxes. The number of options which are correct can vary from 1 to all.
You can submit comments on any question after the test is graded, just click the Comments button. I would love to discuss your opinions but I can't if you don't include an email address, please include an email address with each comment.

I have had several reports of the applet failing at the "loading data" stage which I think is due to a firewall problem. As an alternative, I have put up an HTML based version at my new web site.

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