A Single Game Demo

The Instant Ballpark applet was used at the InstantSports web site during the 1996 and 1997 seasons. Both the current games on a particular day and games from earlier in the season were available. Data was updated on a play by play basis, with animation typically following the actual play within 90 seconds. The data source was the Stats Inc. service which puts observers at every major league game.
Unfortunately InstantSports was unable to attract enough ad revenue to keep going.
This is quite a large applet, 26 classes totaling 190K, so be patient.
Use the "VCR buttons" at the bottom of the applet to move between plays in a game as follows:
Click on an inning in the line score at the top of the screen to go to that inning.
The Baseball applet and distinctive images are copyright 1996, 1997 by Instant Sports, Inc. of Austin, TX
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