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by Chelsea Valentine, Lucinda Dykes, and Ed Tittel
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On this Web Site, we provide you with the numbered listings from each chapter as well as the URLs mentioned. Each link opens into a new window so you don't have to use your back button to navigate the information.

For the URLs, we list a description of what you'll find and the URLs. In addition, if a URL has been updated from what appears in the printed version of the book, we put "(updated)" after the URL. Note that we do not list URLs used in markup examples, in-text URLs that refer to the URLs used in markup examples, or namespace URLs.

For the listings, we provide you with the listing number and caption and a link to the file. Note that some of the listings may contain links to files or applets that don't "exist." These links are there soley to demonstrate the markup; in other words, these are contrived examples. In addition, some markup is generated specifically for a particular browser. That will be noted in the caption. Other listings contain incomplete markup, in which case, we save the file as a text file so you can view the markup. To view the source for the markup, choose View | Source in Internet Explorer or View | Page Source in Netscape.

The following link to the individual pages for the chapters. Happy browsing!

Chapter 1: Introducing Metadata

Chapter 2: Of DTDs and Schemas

Chapter 3: The Document Design Process

Chapter 4: The Role of DTDs in XML

Chapter 5: Understanding XML Schema

Chapter 6: Understanding Schemas: Structures and Components

Chapter 7: Understanding Schema Datatypes

Chapter 8: Designing XML Schema Documents

Chapter 9: Converting DTDs to Schemas

Chapter 10: Important XML Schemas

Chapter 11: Using Appropriate Metadata

Chapter 12: Other Schema Languages

Chapter 13: Schema-Based Initiatives

Chapter 14: Schema and Related Tools

Appendix A: Important Specifications and Standards

Appendix B: DTD for XML Schema: Structures

Appendix C: XML Schema Components and Datatypes