Chapter 13: Schema-Based Initiatives


Listing 13.1: auctionbid.wsdl L1301.txt


WSDL 1.1

"Web Services Description Language (WSDL) Explained" by Carlos Tapang

"A Web Services Primer" by Venu Vasudevan

IBM’s Web Services Toolkit

SOAP is now a part of the XML Protocol Working Group

Part 1: Messaging Framework

Part 2: Adjuncts

The SOAP 1.2 Working Draft


"A Brief History of SOAP" by Don Box

HTTP is 1.1

W3C WSDL 1.1 Note

"HTTP/1.1 Explained" by Luke Knowland

"HTTP Headers Revealed!" by Dr. Richard Blaylock MIME Information Page

MIME Media types

MIME content types

RFC 2045 MIME Part One: Format of Internet Message Bodies

RFC 2046 MIME Part Two: Media Types

"About UDDI"

"Why UDDI Will Succeed, Quietly: Two Factors Push Web Services Forward"

The W3C RDF Recommendation

RDF Schema Specification 1.0

PICS specification

PICS Rating Vocabularies in XML/RDF


The W3C RDF Model and Syntax Specification

The W3C RDF Schema Specification 1.0

The RDF tutorial by Pierre-Antoine Champin

"What Is RDF?" by Tim Bray

"An Introduction to RDF" by Uche Ogbuji

The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, Version 1.0: Reference Description

The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative home page

"An Introduction to Dublin Core" by Stuart Weibel and Eric Miller

"The Semantic Web," an article by Tim Berners-Lee, James Hendler, and Ora Lassila

The W3C Semantic Web Activity page

Quote from the XGMML 1.0 Draft Specification


XGMML Schema

Additional XGMML examples

The XGMML 1.0 Draft Specification

The XGMML home page

Graph Gallery

XML Cover Pages XML Schemas page



The XSLT compiler for Examplotron

The W3C XML Schema for Examplotron

The DSD 1.0 Specification

The DSD home page

"The DSD Schema Language"

Hook 0.2

A description of DSDL on the XML Cover Pages XML Schemas page

"Proposal for a New Work Item," the DSDL submission to the IOC (automatically opens or downloads a Word document, depending on the browser you’re using)