Chapter 12: Other Schema Languages


In the following listings, we save also save the files with the names given to them in the text of the book so you can use them in examples if you'd like. If it's not a standard file extension, we save it as a text file for your perusal.

Listing 12.1: contact.xml L1201.xml

Listing 12.2: contact.dtd L1202.dtd

Listing 12.3: contact.rlx, RELAX grammar for contact.xml L1203.txt

Listing 12.4: contact.trex, a TREX schema for contact.xml L1204.txt

Listing 12.5: contact.rng, a RELAX NG schema for contact.xml L1205.txt

Listing 12.6: contact_schematron.sch, a Schematron Schema for contact.xml L1206.txt

Listing 12.7: contact.xdr L1207.txt


Links to RELAX validators

Part 2 of the W3C XML Schema Recommendation

J. David Eisenberg's tutorial "Validating XML with RELAX"

J. David Eisenberg's article "Learning to RELAX&"

The RELAX home page


The tutorial "HOW TO RELAX"

A DTD-to-RELAX converter

A Java implementation to validate TREX

J. David Eisenberg's article "TREX Basics"

The TREX home page

The TREX specification

James Clark's extensive TREX tutorial

RELAX NG version 0.9

A Java implementation to validate RELAX NG

Quote from the RELAX NG home page

RELAX NG specification

The RELAX NG Tutorial

Non-XML Syntax for RELAX NG

RELAX NG–The XML Cover Pages by Robin Cover

The RELAX NG page

The OASIS Technical Committee RELAX NG page

The RELAX NG DTD Compatibility Annotations

Guidelines for using W3C XML Schema datatypes with RELAX NG

Quote from an interview with Simon St.Laurent

The Resource Directory (RDDL) for Schematron 1.5

Instant Saxon



Schematron XSLT style sheets on the Schematron site

The Schematron home page

A short Schematron tutorial

The Schematron 1.5 specification

"Schematron: validating XML using XSLT" by Leigh Dodds

The sample Schematron schema for the WAI Guidelines and a corresponding test XML file on the Schematron-Basic page

"Validating XML with Schematron," an article by Chimezie Ogbuji

"Extending XML Schemas" by Roger Costello

BizTalk site

XDR schema language is based on the W3C XML-Data Note from January 1998

Document Content Description (DCD) for XML


"Content Model"


More details on SQL annotations

"BizTalk Framework Overview"

BizTalk Schema Repository (Note that you must become a registered user to assess this material. Go to to register.) New registration URL

"Introduction to XDR Schemas" in the library

"XDR Schema" in the library

"Comparative Analysis of Six XML Schema Languages" by Dongwon Lee and Wesley Chu

RELAX NG DTD Compatibility Annotations

"Schemarama" by Leigh Dodds

"Daring to Do Less with XML" by Michael Champion

"Time for Consolidation" by Leigh Dodds