Chapter 8: Designing XML Schema Documents


Listing 8.1: Using the import Element L0801.xsd

Listing 8.2: Redefining a Type L0802.xsd

Listing 8.3: Including the Definitions and Declarations L0803.xsd

Listing 8.4: The Salami Slice Model L0804.xsd

Listing 8.5: The Russian Doll Design L0805.xsd

Listing 8.6: The Venetian Blind Design L0806.xsd

Listing 8.7: Defining the XML Schema Namespace as the Default L0807.xsd

Listing 8.8: targetNamespace as the Default Namespace L0808.xsd

Listing 8.9: Defining Both Namespaces with Prefixes L0809.xsd


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