The World Wide Web Encyclopedia

The World Wide Web Encyclopedia

By Ed Tittel & James Michael Stewart.
Published: January, 1996

Covers the Whole World of the Web!

Over 1,500 entries on CD-ROM: indexed in HTML for easy access!
Alphabetical organization for direct access to terms and topics.
Lots of cross-references, tutorials, tools, tips, and tricks.
The World Wide Web--explained in plain English!

Now anyone can learn the ins and outs of the World Wide Web---the ubiquitous ocean of information on the Internet that everybody loves to surf! From Anchors to ZIP files, the World Wide Web Encyclopedia (W3E) covers everything you need to know to browse the Web for information or entertainment, or to develop and design Web documents, or to deliver them to a waiting world of potential users. W3E gives you the know-how and confidence to understand the jargon, to know where to look for the information you need, to design attractive and informative Web pages, or to proffer your services via the Web. Become king of the World Wide Web jungle by learning how to handle the Web on its own terms!

Here are just a few of the highlights from W3E:

Book information

The World Wide Web Encyclopedia. Ed Tittel and James Michael Stewart. Charles River Media, Boston, MA, 1996 (CD-ROM). List Price: $39.99.

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