Web Programming Secrets

Web Programming Secrets

By Ed Tittel, Mark Gaither,
Sebastian Hassinger & Mike Erwin.
Published: April, 1996

Web Programming Secrets picks up where the best-selling The Foundations of World Wide Web Programming left off, with more information about how to build and use CGI programs to extend the capabilities and services of your World Wide Web server.

Web Programming Secrets is built as an extended tutorial on building and using Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs on a Web server. The book begins with a detailed discussion of an automatic HTML form generation tool that also automatically creates the necessary back-end Perl CGI code to handle that form's input on the client side, followed by equally detailed discussion of that tool's design, implementation, and use. The remainder of the book takes the tool and uses it to construct various Web-based utilities that range from Domain Name Server administration, to mailing list server management, to a Web-based fax delivery service, and much, much more.

Web Programming Secrets is divided into two parts:

  1. Covers the forms generation tool, FORMGEN.PL, beginning with a discussion of CGI and related programming languages. It devotes entire chapters to the tool's design specification, its setup and installation, its user interface and behavior, and to extending and enhancing its output to add more features and functions. Part 1 concludes with a pair of chapters on testing and validating CGIs, along with a discussion of the authors' own development environment and their favorite programming tools.

  2. Uses the tools and techniques described in Part 1 to discuss the design, implementation, installation, and possible enhancements to a plethora of Web-based applications (ten in all). Topics covered include an interactive calendaring/scheduling program, an HTML-based document editor, a discussion of Web commerce, UNIX user management, creating Web-based UNIX command access, a bid/estimate generator, and building instructions for a Web link checker, in addition to those capabilities mentioned in the preceding "Brief Description."

The CD-ROM that accompanies the book includes all the source code that's discussed in the book, in ready-to-use form, plus all of the code libraries and additional elements necessary to use these tools on your own Web site. We believe that the form generator tool, by itself, is worth the price of the book, not to mention all the other utilities it contains, all of which may be used and modified to your heart's content (as long as our code isn't resold to someone else).

Book information

WWW Programming Secrets. Ed Tittel, Mark Gaither, Sebastian Hassinger, and Mike Erwin. IDG Programmers Press, Indianapolis, IN, 1996. List Price: $39.99. ISBN: 1-56884-848-X.

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