60 Minute Guide to VRML

60 Minute Guide to VRML

By Mike Erwin & Sebastian Hassinger.
Published: November, 1995

Explore the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML)!

Master VRML syntax and structure with a series of tutorials.
Find the software, and visit a variety of sites to experience VRML for yourself.
Learn how to write, install, and use VRML programs.
Understand VRML browsers and their capabilities.
Uncover VRML's potential, and learn about its future.

Take a ride on your virtual surfboard with VRML and the 3-D Internet! Here's your complete, quick overview of the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML)--the next dimension in Web interface design. Using this remarkable, text-based programming tool, you can build realistic-looking, hyperlinked, three-dimensional spaces and places on the Net.

Now Web explorers can not only visit your home page--but a fully rendered home, storefront, or office! Strapping on their VRML browsers, Internauts will be able to encounter your 3-D information and objects, instead of just looking at flat text and graphics. Get a concise introduction to the language and find how to go 3-D now with Internet World's 60 Minute Guide to VRML.

Aimed at the practicing professional programmer, IDG's 60 Minute Guides provide invaluable overviews of and introductions to key programming languages and techniques. In the 60 Minute Guide to VRML, you'll not only master VRML syntax and structures, you'll learn how to exploit VRML's representational abilities to create your own virtual worlds. In addition, you should understand how to use VRML authoring tools, to write, test, and debug VRML code. You'll also visit the fruits of other's VRML labors, as we take you for a ride into the 21st century!

Book information

60 Minute Guide to VRML. Mike Erwin and Sebastian Hassinger. IDG Programmers Press, Indianapolis, IN, 1995. List Price: $19.99. ISBN: 1-56684-710-6.

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