Building VRML Worlds

Building VRML Worlds

By Ed Tittel, Charlie Scott & Claire Sanders
Published: December, 1996.

Turn Your Dream World Into Virtual Reality

Pop the lid on your creativity and go beyond static, lifeless Web pages!

With this guide to Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), you'll create interactive 3-D cyberscapes that attract and enchant potentially millions of Web surfers. Inside, you'll find guru techniques, secrets, tips, and easy steps for mastering VRML from the basics through the advanced concepts. Plus, you'll get tutorials of the hottest VRML tools and a directory and critique of some of the most fascinating VRML sites on the Web! Just imagine the cool worlds you'll build when you:

Gain a complete understanding of VRML and learn to construct exciting, realistic worlds that will stop traffic on the World Wide Web
Delight your Web visitors with your original, functional, and appealing virtual worlds
Create shapes, 3-D graphics, and text, plus learn all about translation and linking techniques, building materials, polygons, texture mapping, inlines, compression, and more!
Cast shadows and light onto your world and the characters and objects in it
Understand cutting-edge VRML tools for the new Moving Worlds 2.0 VRML standard
Use scanned input, surfaces, textures, and object libraries to enhance your 3-D world
Investigate key applications and issues such as browser compatibility, transmission speed, and download time

Whether you're an experienced Webmaster or a casual Web page designer, Building VRML Worlds will help you turn your dream Web world into a virtual reality, step-by-step!

Bonus CD-ROM

Contains all the tools that you need to build virtual worlds! Includes versions of Pioneer and Pioneer Pro from Caligari, Strata SudioPro from Strata Inc., Virtual Home Space Builder from ParaGraph Intl., WalkThrough Pro from Virtus, and VRServer from Tenet Networks. CD also includes extensive hotlist of VRML resources on the Web.

Book information
Building VRML Worlds. Ed Tittel, Charlie Scott, and Claire Sanders. Osborne/McGraw-Hill, New York, NY, 1996. ISBN: 0078822335

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