Visual Cafe for Java EXplorer

Visual Cafe for Java EXplorer Cover

By William B. Brogden, Jeffrey A. Louie & Ed Tittel
Published: January, 1998

Master The Complete Java and Database Development Environment

Update and Errata

Visual Cafe for Java EXplorer: Database Development Edition shows you how to use the number one programming environment for Java access to databases. The authors use a personable tone to explore this unique programming environment. With this book, you'll learn how to develop complex applications with the JavaBeans-compliant Component Library and learn how to use an extensive library of database-aware user interface components. Create user interfaces with drag-and-drop components, including your own custom components, and enjoy simplified object-oriented programming with editors and debugging tools that reflect the true structure of Java programs.

Visual Cafe for Java EXplorer: Database Development Edition contains:

A guide to the most useful interface creation techniques and components

Secrets of Java programming with events and threads

Tricks for Web page applets, including image processing

A clear introduction to the complexities of SQL and the JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) programming interface

Working examples of applets and applications connected to databases

The CD-ROM contains these powerful tools

Book information

Visual Cafe for Java EXplorer. William B. Brogden, Jeffrey A. Louie, and Ed Tittel. Coriolis Technology Press, Scottsdale, AZ, 1998. List Price: $39.99. ISBN: 1-57610-219-X.

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