60 Minute Guide to Shockwave

60 Minute Guide to Shockwave

By William W. Hurley II, Sebastian Hassinger & T. Preston Gregg.
Published: June, 1996

Your quick guide to bringing mind-blowing interactive multimedia to the Web--in plain English. Shockwave for Director is Macromedia's Web extension that allows Director movies to appear within your Web pages, including high- resolution audio, video, and animation. With this book, you can take a Shockwave test drive and see Shockwave movies hot off the Net!

"True mutimedia on the Internet is here! What was once only a dream is now a reality: With Shockwave for Director, you can easily integrate full-blown multimedia into your Web pages."
--John "Bud" Colligan, President & CEO, Macromedia, Inc.

Electrify static Web pages with Shockwave!

Discover how Macromedia Director and Shockwave form a powerful, cross-platform foundation for bringing sophisticated multimedia to the Net--no programming experience required.

Tour the Macromedia Director authoring environment, see Shockwave's run-time behavior, and begin assembling a live project.

Follow basic to advanced techniques for importing media, adjusting features, and using special effects.

Convert completed Director projects for Internet use by using Afterburner, Shockwave's special compression application.

Find expert tips to give you site kinetic appeal--learn how to turn static Web pages into compelling, interactive vehicles for advertising, promotion, education, and entertainment.

See real world examples of Shockwave hot off the Internet, with roadmaps to additional examples and resources online.

About the 60 Minute Guide to Shockwave CD:

Book information

60 Minute Guide to Shockwave. William W. Hurley II, Sebastian Hassinger, and T. Preston Gregg. IDG Books Worldwide, Indianapolis, IN, 1996. List Price: $29.99. ISBN: 0-7645-8002-7 (incl. CD-ROM).

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