Hip Pocket Guide to HTML 3.2

Hip Pocket Guide to HTML 3.2

By Ed Tittel & James Michael Stewart.
Published: April, 1997

An A-Z Reference of HTML Tags

Hip Pocket Guide to HTML 3.2 is the Web professional's time-saving quick reference to the latest version of HTML. Packed with information at a glance, this book helps Web developers, masters, and ambitious learners to find--quickly and easily--the most frequently used HTML tags, which are listed alphabetically by subject. This book is a must for those serious about mastering the Web.

Saves time with a quick reference format.
Offers the most "hip" and current HTML information--fast and easy.
Includes a brief introduction to HTML structure and syntax.
Covers standard HTML and HTML extensions, including HTML 3.2, Internet Explorer, and Netscape Navigator tags.
Provides pointers to online resources, including standards, tools, and browsers.

Book information

The Hip Pocket Guide to HTML 3.2. Ed Tittel and James Michael Stewart. IDG Books Worldwide/Programmers Press, Indianapolis, IN, 1997. List Price: $14.99. ISBN: 0-7645-8017-5.

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