Building Windows NT Web Servers

Building Windows NT Web Servers

by Ed Tittel, Mary Madden
& David B. Smith.
Published: September, 1996

Master the secrets of Web site development with Windows NT 4.0.

Set up a Web Server today. Bonus CD-ROM includes several Web servers, URLs from the book with tons of online resources, and much more!

Design, configure, install, and maintain a Web server using Windows NT
Learn with hands-on techniques from successful Web professionals
Construct and operate your own customized NT Server-based Web site

"This team has produced a book that gives you the core knowledge you'll need to run a Windows NT Web Server."
-- Charlie Scott, VP, Client Services, OuterNet Connection Strategies, Inc.

Get up to speed on today's faster-growing server platform with this authoritative, up-to-the-minute resource. Packed with rigorously tested step-by-step guidance based on the experience of professional Web developers and service providers, Building Windows NT Web Servers is designed to give computer professionals everything they need to turn an NT Server into an NT Web Server, easily and expertly. In addition, learn how to select the appropriate Internet link, where to situate your server, and how to organize your Web site.

The wisdom of working NT professionals lets you:

Book information

Building Windows NT Web Servers. Ed Tittel, Mary Madden, and David B. Smith. IDG Books Worldwide, Indianapolis, IN, 1996. List Price: $44.99. ISBN: 0-7645- 8004-3.

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