New & Improved Stupid Windows Tricks

New & Improved Stupid Windows Tricks

By Bob LeVitus & Ed Tittel.
Published: October, 1995

More inspired lunacy and orchestrated mayhem for your PC!

The ultimate in cursor controls, screen savers, and more!
Gambling, oracles, insults, and sayings: what else could you want?
Guaranteed to boost your non-productivity, and bring you a smile.

The ghost in the machine controls your cursors, but that's OK because you've got an ace up your sleeve. And what's more, now you can base all of your important decisions on the Magic Eight Ball. Is this making sense? Of course not! But if you're up for some senseless fun, buy this book, install the software, and you'll have a wacky Windows PC instantly.

This book and the enclosed disk bring you 18 of the funniest, most stupid tricks and games that Bob LeVitus and Ed Tittel have run into recently, which you can load on your Windows PC (or someone else's if you're the sneaky type). They all work with Windows 3.11, Windows for Workgroups, and Windows 95. You'll see...

Here's a sneak preview of the book's many distractions:

Book information

New & Improved Stupid Windows Tricks. Bob LeVitus and Ed Tittel. AP Professional, Boston, MA, 1995. List Price: $19.99. ISBN: 0-12-445576-X.

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