The Intranet Bible

The Intranet Bible

By Ed Tittel & James Michael Stewart.
Published: January, 1997

The Internet is taking the world by storm. It is being covered in the daily news; URLs and e-mail addresses are included in print and video everywhere; and organizations from elementary schools to major multi-national companies are jumping onto this venue. As much as we hear about the Internet, it's amazing that companies, such as Silicon Graphics and Netscape, report that 50% to 70% of their Internet server solutions are being used for something we haven't been hearing that much about yet--namely, private networks that are called "intranets."

In a nutshell, intranets are private IP-based networks that use Internet technologies to build communications solutions within institutions and companies. These private networks are secured to limit access to members within an organization, and are used for things such as:

and much more. Intranets are quickly becoming a preferred method for internal corporate communications because of their ease of operation, multimedia integration capabilities, and their relatively low costs.

The Intranet Bible examines this burgeoning phenomenon in detail, and is designed to help companies evaluate and implement intranets. It covers everything from a business analysis of their costs and benefits, to the nuts and bolts issues of evaluating and selecting software for immediate use. The book also includes a CD-ROM with numerous evaluation and demonstration copies of much of the software mentioned in the text.

This book is divided into six parts, as follows:

  1. An explanation of Intranet terminology and technology, and a business analysis of their potential significance.
  2. Case studies of a half-dozen commercial intranets, including some large, well-known companies, and some lesser fry.
  3. An overview of possible uses for intranets, including discussions of applications that have already proved successful in companies we studied for this book.
  4. Building an intranet, needs assessment through system definition, design, and implementation.
  5. A review of numerous products that could add value to an intranet, including available turnkey systems and customization of off-the-shelf systems.
  6. A set of appendices, including a directory of consultants and research materials, and a compendium of online resources and related information. Contact information for all the vendors mentioned in the text will be provided, as well as a glossary of all technical terms and acronyms used in the book.

Book information

The Intranet Bible. Ed Tittel and James Michael Stewart. IDG Books Worldwide/Programmer's Press, Indianapolis, IN, 1997. List Price: $49.99. ISBN: 0-7645-8016-7.

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