Internet Access Essentials

Internet Access Essentials

By Ed Tittel & Margaret Robbins.
Published: January, 1995

Your Complete and Friendly Guide to the Internet!

Master the mysteries of the Internet utilities.
Your guided tour to telnet, FTP, Archie, gopher, WAIS, and more!
A concise background to the Internet.

This book is a complete guide to accessing and using the Internet, the increasingly ever-present backbone of the "information superhighway." Internet Access Essentials introduces the concepts and technologies behind the Internet and gives specific instructions and options on hooking up. It includes easy-to-follow instructions and tips on applications, such as e-mail, telnet and usenet, file transfer protocol, and mailing lists. This book will enable any network user to make the most of the Internet's many resources.

Internet Access Essentials covers the following key items:

Book Information

Internet Access Essentials: Everything You Need to Know. Ed Tittel and Margaret Robbins. AP Professional, Boston, MA, 1995. List Price: $24.95. ISBN: 0-12-691393-5.

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