The Foundations of WWW Programming With HTML and CGI

Foundations of WWW Programming with HTML & CGI

By Ed Tittel, Mark Gaither, Sebastian Hassinger & Mike Erwin.
Published: August, 1995

The Latest Scoop on HTML, CGI, and Web Programming!

"This crack team has written a must-read for anyone who runs a serious Web site, demonstrating how to use advanced HTML and CGIs to make Web programs truly powerful."
---Jeff Evans, President, VersaCom & coauthor of WebMaster Macintosh .

Even if HTML and CGI programming aren't exactly "rocket science," there is an art to transforming static, one-way Web pages into a sophisticated, interactive environment to which people can respond. With Foundation of WWW Programming with HTML and CGI, you'll find the tools you need to create high-quality, interactive Web services that support complex user transactions. Once you've mastered the techniques in this book, you'll be able to build simple fill-in forms, supply skillfully formatted database requests, and more! To help you become a proficient Web programmer, the book includes:

An overview of the Common Gateway Interface (CGI).
A thorough description of the CGI development process.
Ready-to-use CGI programs and code fragments.
How to ferret out the Internet's best programming resources.
HTML's history, versions, and future directions.
A survey of CGI programming languages and environments.

Foundations of WWW Programming with HTML & CGI includes a CD-ROM containing ready-to-run (or compile, at least) code samples, and a large collection of shareware and freeware CGI programs plucked off the WWW. Also included: A set of Web pages to locate all the sites and resources mentioned in the book.

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Book information

Foundations of WWW Programming with HTML and CGI. Ed Tittel, Mark Gaither, Sebastian Hassinger, and Mike Erwin. IDG Programmers Press, Indianapolis, IN, 1996. ISBN: 1568847033.

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