Hip Pocket Guide to HTML 4

Hip Pocket Guide to HTML 4 Gif

By Ed Tittel, James Michael Stewart & Natanya Pitts
Published: March, 1998

An A-Z Quick Reference to HTML Tags

Concise description of HTML -- including syntax, rules, and the latest changes
All HTML 4 tags defined and listed with corresponding attributes, context, usage, and examples
PLUS the entire ISO-Latin-1 character set, recommended HTML tools, and online support

Everything you need to create Web content -- at a glance! Quickly and easily find all HTML tag definitions along with their attributes, context, usage, and examples. Packed with essential information arranged alphabetically by topic, this no-nonsense reference is designed for Web professionals who just wanted the latest facts - fast!

Inside, find the most complete and up-to-date information:

Book information

Hip Pocket Guide to HTML 4. Ed Tittel, James Michael Stewart, and Natanya Pitts. IDG Books Worldwide, Indianapolis, IN, 1998. List Price: $14.99. ISBN: 0-7645-3196-4.

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