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While there is an incredible amount of information about Microsoft Certification available online, we assume you're more interested in taking--and passing--the tests than you are in learning everything there is to know about Microsoft certification and testing. To that end, we've included only the best of the best resources here. If you're inclined, you can broaden your search, but if you stick to these materials, you'll still probably find more information than you can completely master. Although we've done our best to find everything worth visiting for inclusion here, please e-mail us at examcram@lanw.com if you know of some stellar resources we've somehow managed to overlook. Thanks!

The resources are divided into three different categories, each with its own Web page. To view the Web page for a specific category simply click on the categories name below. Every page has a collection of navigation buttons at the bottom, each clearly labeled, that will bring you back to this home page, or link you to another page of resources.

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User Caveat: Broken Links and New Resources

While all of these links were active and functioning at press time, we cannot guarantee that they will be so forever. Also, new resources are popping up every day. To sniff out new resources or if you find that a link is broken please visit one of the many search engines available on the Web and use anyone of the keywords "NT, Windows NT, MCSE, MCP, and Microsoft Certified Professional" to begin looking for other resources.

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