E-mail Essentials

E-mail Essentials

By Ed Tittel & Margaret Robbins.
Published: October, 1994

Covers the Ins and Outs of Electronic Mail!

 Learn how e-mail works, and how messages come and go.
 Your guided tour to e-mail must-haves and options.
 E-mail technology and terminology explained in plain English.

E-mail Essentials is a complete guide to the basics of electronic mail, the ubiquitous message-serving network that is revolutionizing corporate and personal communication. This book is suitable for both the casual e-mailer and the network manager, and covers everything from the installation of e-mail to the maintenance and management of e-mail hubs and message servers.

E-mail Essentials explains the fundamental concepts and technologies of electronic mail, featuring chapters on Lotus© applications and CompuServe©, as well as information on upgrading, automation, message-based applications, and user training. The book is a step-by-step, jargon-free guide that enables e-mail users to get the most out of the communication potential of network messaging.

E-mail Essentials includes the following key elements:

Book information

E-mail Essentials: Everything You Need to Know. Ed Tittel and Margaret Robbins. AP Professionals, Boston, MA, 1994. List Price: $24.95. ISBN: 0-12-691397-8.

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