Java 2 Exam Cram

Java 2 Exam Cram

William B. Brogden
Published: April, 1999

Prove Your Mastery of Java Programming by Achieving Sun Certified Java Programmer Status!


Key Features

The most recent estimates indicate that there are 700,000 Java programmers worldwide, a huge potential audience.

Universities and technical schools have just begun to teach Java programming, so achieving Sun Certified Java Programmer status is the best way to prove your Java programming skills.

Even experienced Java programmers worry about failing the test because it emphasizes language basics, which most programmers handle by habit.

Closely following the announced objectives for the exam, the book covers those features of the Java language which Sun considers to be essential, Java language syntax, structure, and basic constructs.

Heavily emphasizes sample test questions to prepare the reader for the actual test.

Book Information

Java 2 Exam Cram. William B. Brogden. Certification Insider Press, Scottsdale, AZ, April, 1999. ISBN: 1-57610-291-2.

Additional Information

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