IIS 4 Exam Cram Adaptive Edition

IIS 4 Exam Cram Adaptive Edition

Libby Chovanec, James Michael Stewart, and Ramesh Chandak
Published: June, 1999


Key Features

Certification Insider Press is the only source that provides Web-based adaptive practice exams that compliment study guide content.

Includes new information on adaptive test-taking strategies and how the testing experience differs from fixed-length exams.

Contains an online practice exam designed exclusively for this edition--password protected for Exam Cram readers.

Features a unique Cram Fitness Assessment that enables users to determine how to proceed with their certification goals by analyzing their background, learning style, study habits, and level of expertise with the exam subject, and by providing suggestions for study success.

Book Information

IIS 4 Exam Cram Adaptive Edition. Libby Chovanec, James Michael Stewart, and Ramesh Chandak. Certification Insider Press, Scottsdale, AZ, June, 1999. ISBN: 1-57610-488-5.

Additional Information

Coriolis, the publisher of the Exam Cram and Prep series, now offers a biweekly newsletter for aspiring or certified professionals, the "Exam Cram Insider." This informative bi-weekly newsletter covers all the major certification programs, including news, test announcements, tips and tricks, plus other technical information sure to be of interest to those seeking one or more technical certifications.

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