Dynamic HTML Black Book

Dynamic HTML Black Book

By Natanya Pitts-Moultis, C.C. Sandars & Ramesh Chandak
Published February, 1998

Your best tool for adding DHTML interactivity or multimedia to your Web site

Among its arsenal of interactive tools, tips, and tricks, Dynamic HTML Black Book covers:

Microsoft, Netscape, and W3C standards for DHTML
The Document Object Model (DOM)
Using style sheets
Handling events in DHTML
Working with databases and other data sources
Multimedia, graphics, and sound
Netscape's DHTML layers
Case studies of cool DHTML Web sites

Dynamic HTML Black Book provides the information that both novices and experienced Webmasters need to bring exciting interactivity to their Web pages. The authors provide the most up-to-date information on DHTML, related scripting languages, and relevant standards. They also delve into hands-on tips and tricks today's developers need to create pages for Internet Explorer, Netscape, or both. You'll find everything you need to bring multimedia interaction to your Web pages. This is the only resource you'll need to bring a wealth of sights, sounds, interactive menus -- and more -- to your Web site.

The book's CD-ROM includes

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Book information

Dynamic HTML Black Book. Natanya Pitts-Moultis, C.C. Sandars, and Ramesh Chandak. The Coriolis Group, Scottsdale, AZ, 1998. List Price: $49.99. ISBN: 1-57610-188-6.

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