Building Web Commerce Sites

Building Web Commerce Sites

By Charlie Scott, Sebastian Hassinger, Mike Erwin & Ed Tittel.
Published: December, 1996

Build a better online business.

Master the ins and outs of electronic commerce!

Tackle Web commerce security issues.
Choose the exact features your business requires.
Evaluate and employ credit card and Net cash processors.
Find out everything you need to set up a business on the Web.

With Building Web Commerce Sites, our expert authors give you a first-hand look at the major commerce providers and technologies. They provide detailed instructions for how to build Web commerce sites that employ the latest Web software and technology. Take action now with this one-stop, hands-on resource for Web commerce software and information.

CD-ROM includes:

Book information

Building Web Commerce Sites. Charlie Scott, Sebastian Hassinger, Mike Erwin, and Ed Tittel. IDG Books Worldwide/Programmer's Press, Indianapolis, IN, 1996. ISBN: 0764530321.

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