The Official BBEdit Handbook

The BBEdit Book

By Bob LeVitus & Natanya Pitts.
Published: August, 1997

This is the first and only book to document BBEdit's rich functionality. In The Official BBEdit Book you'll find a wealth of insider tips that will increase your productivity. Fully reviewed and endorsed by Bare Bones Software Inc., this easy-to-use reference clearly describes every feature and is loaded with screen shots and examples.

The Official BBEdit Book makes it easy for today's Webmasters to speed their own iterative development projects using this powerful editing environment. The award winning BBEdit software is a longtime programmer's favorite, popular long before the birth of the Web. With the release of version 4.0, Bare Bone incorporated features like floating palettes, HTML support, and syntax coloring to enhance an already extensive feature set, making BBEdit a leading Web authoring tool. BBEdit lets you automate many of the repetitive tasks that keep your development projects on track and your Web site humming. Super-fast text processing, easy scripting, wide extenisbility, strong GREP-style search-and-replace capabilities, and support for over 13 languages make it easy to see why so many Web developers use BBEdit as their primary authoring tool.

Book Information

The Official BBEdit Book. Bob LeVitus and Natanya Pitts. Ziff-Davis Press, Emeryville, CA, 1997. List Price: $39.99. ISBN: 1-56276-505-1.

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