60 Minute Guide to Java

60 Minute Guide to Java

By Mark Gaither & Ed Tittel.
Published: November, 1995

Covers Sun Microsystems' Java® and HotJava®

Master Java syntax and structure with a tutorial.
Build HotJava applets and full-blown Java applications.
Learn how to write, install, and use Java programs.

What's all the buzz about Java? This high-powered programming language is object-oriented and architecture-neutral, enabling you to build Web pages that execute distributed code--securely--across the Net's patchwork of platforms. So now your once-static Web pages can feature live news feeds and video, animation, interactive three-dimensional imagery, and more!

Aimed at the practicing professional programmer, IDG's 60 Minute Guides provide invaluable overviews of and introductions to key programming languages and techniques. In the 60 Minute Guide to Java, you'll not only master Java syntax and structures, you'll learn how to extend existing Java classes and methods to meet new applications and requirements.

In addition, you should understand how to install and use the Java runtime system to write, test, and debug Java code. You'll also learn about the powerful applets that HotJava browsers can use to extend WWW functionality, as well as how to design, build, and use full-blown Java applications.

Book Information

The 60 Minute Guide to Java. Mark Gaither and Ed Tittel. IDG Programmers Press, Indianapolis, IN, 1995. List Price: $19.99. ISBN: 1-56884-711-4.

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