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Part I: Why XML is "eXtreMely cooL"

1: What Is XML and Why You Should Care

2: The Beginnings of XML

3: Shake Hands with XML!

Part II: Structuring XML Documents

4: Understanding XML Document Structure

5: Understanding and Using DTDs

6: Building DTDs

7: Attributes Add Flexibility to XML

Part III: Building XML Documents

8: Putting Your DTD to Work

9: Combining Multiple DTDs

10: Adding Character to XML

Part IV: The Sense of Style for XML

11: How Style Really Works

12:The Building Blocks of CSS

13: Applying Style to XML with XSL

14: Special Topics on XML Style

Part V: XML's Lovely Linking Languages

15: The XML Linking Language (XLink)

16: The XML Path Language

17: The XML Pointer Language

Part VI: Sampling XML Applications

18: XML Can Channel from Many Sources

19: The Mathematical Markup Language

20: DocBook for XML

Part VII: Cool XML Technologies

21: Cool Tools Rule

22: Ultimate Online Resources for XML and SGML

Part VIII: The Parts of Ten

23:Ten Ways to Enjoy XML -- Really!

24: Ten Stylish XML Extensions

25: The Top Ten XML Applications


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