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Wayfinding Toolkit

We've gone out of our way to make it easy as pie for you to find your way around our site. On just about every page, you'll find the top and bottom navigation banners you see on this one. To move to a different part of the site, simply click on its name and you'll be taken there. If your browser doesn't support image maps or you're viewing this site without graphics, we've included text-only navigation links on the bottom of every page where there are graphical navigation bars. The few exceptions to these general rules are the examples, templates, and graphics pages. We thought the navigation tools would be more of a hindrance than a help on those particular pages. However, a page with a navigation bar is only one "back" button click away, so you shouldn't get lost. If you do have problems navigating through our site, we'd sure like to hear about those problems so we can improve this resource we've worked so hard on. Please send us e-mail and let us know how our newly revised XHTML For Dummies navigation system is working.

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