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Throughout the book, we included several examples of functioning XHTML markup.�Although you could copy the code character-for-character from the book, we knew there had to be an easier -- and hence better -- way to help you learn from our examples. To that end, we've extracted all of the functional examples from the book that are longer than five lines and and put them into easily acessible XHTML files for you to work from. We've also built a few templates to get you started writing your own Web pages.

We've created hyperlinked listings of the examples included in each chapter of the book to provide you with easy access to the example files. The listings are broken down by chapter. To access the�examples from a particular chapter, click on its name below and the listing of the examples from that chapter will be loaded in to your Web browser. To see how a Web browser renders a particular example, simply click on its link. To return to the chapter table of contents from a code text file, press your Web browser's "Back" button.

Note: Web browsers always display the results of XHTML code rather than the code itself. If you want to see and possibly modify the naked XHTML code behind any of our examples, simply choose "View Source" in your Web browser or open the example file with a text or HTML editor instead of a Web browser.

If a chapter is listed but not hyperlinked, that means we didn't include any examples in it. We didn't want you to think we accidentally skipped a chapters, so we listed all of them.

Chapter 1: Welcome to XHTML!

Chapter 2: The XML/HTML Connection

Chapter 3: Converting HTML to XHTML

Chapter 4: The XHTML Specification

Chapter 5: Behind the Scenes of XHTML Documents

Chapter 6: My First XHTML Page

Chapter 7: Elements and Attributes

Chapter 8: Styling XHTML with CSS

Chapter 9: A Basic XHTML Page

Chapter 10: Document Structure Elements

Chapter 11: Presentation and Text Controls

Chapter 12: Of Links and Graphics

Chapter 13: Listing Data

Chapter 14: Adding Character

Chapter 15: Using XHTML Tables Effectively

Chapter 16: Map It Up!

Chapter 17: Formulating Forms

Chapter 18: Framing Your Pages

Chapter 19: Java, Multimedia, and Scripting

Chapter 20: Modularizing XHTML

Chapter 21: Extending Markup

Chapter 22: DOMinate Dynamic Web Pages

Chapter 23: Real-World XHTML Solutions

Chapter 24: Ten XHTML Do's and Don'ts

Chapter 25: Top Ten Design Tips

Chapter 26: Cool XHTML Tools

Chapter 27: Ten Opulent Online XHTML Resources

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