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Book Contents

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1: Welcome to XHTML!

2: The XML/HTML Connection

3: Converting HTML to XHTML

4: The XHTML Specification

5: Behind the Scenes of XHTML Documents

6: My First XHTML Page

7: Elements and Attributes

8: Styling XHTML with CSS

9: A Basic XHTML Page

10: Document Structure Elements

11: Presentation and Text Controls

12: Of Links and Graphics

13: Listing Data

14: Adding Character

15: Using XHTML Tables Effectively

16: Map It Up!

17: Formulating Forms

18: Framing Your Pages

19: Java, Multimedia, and Scripting

20: Modularizing XHTML

21: Extending Markup

22: DOMinate Dynamic Web Pages

23: Real-World XHTML Solutions

24: Ten XHTML Do's and Don'ts

25: Top Ten Design Tips

26: Cool XHTML Tools

27: Ten Opulent Online XHTML Resources

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