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Chapter 27: Ten Opulent Online XHTML Resources

In This Chapter

* Finding the fountain of XHTML wisdom
* Fumbling towards answers to XHTML's questions
* Covering all the XHTML bases
* Checking out what's up at the Web Developer's Library
* Taking Microsoft's XHTML coverage to heart
* Checking an encyclopedia online
* Spotting XHTML trends at DevX
* Hearing from the experts: news from the front
* Learning that XML sometimes includes XHTML
* Expanding your XHTML universe

Chapter Outline

  1. It All Starts at the W3C
  2. Nuthin' but the FAQs
  3. Robin's Got it Covered
  4. What's Up at the Web Developer's Library?
  5. Microsoft Makes XML Part of Its Game
  6. Look It Up in Encylozine
  7. DevX Marks the (XHTML) Spot!
  8. More News from the Standards Gang
  9. Does XHTML, Too
  10. Searching for XHTML Satisfaction

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