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Ed Tittel's Bio

Ed Tittel is an 18-year computer industry veteran with an interesting background. A Princeton and multiple University of Texas graduate, Ed started his academic career with undergraduate and graduate degrees in anthropology. Then, realizing the need for gainful employment, he moved into computer science.

Ed spent his first six years in the industry writing code, primarily for database-related systems and applications, at companies like Information Research Associates (now known as Scientific and Engineering Software, Inc.), Michael Leesley Consulting, and at Schlumberger's Austin Research Center.

In 1986, Ed switched from staring at a CRT to the softer side of the business, moving into management and marketing. From 1988 to 1994, he was employed in a variety of positions at Novell, initially at Excelan (acquired by Novell in June 1989). Starting as a Networking Consultant for Excelan, he became a "talking head" for Novell as a National Marketing Manager, in early 1990. In that job, he averaged over 250,000 air miles per year, briefing top Novell clients around the country on planned technologies and products. His final position at Novell, as Director of Technical Marketing, commenced in early 1993. In that position, Ed oversaw technical content for corporate strategies, publications, trade shows, and developer conferences, including curriculum planning for BrainShare in 1993 and 1994.

At present, Ed is president of LANWrights, Inc. He stays busy writing books and magazine articles, teaching, and consulting. Ed is also a member of the NetWorld + Interop faculty, where he specializes in Windows NT related courses and presentations. Ed's recent training activities have included classes on Windows NT Security, which he taught at NetWorld + Interop in Atlanta and Las Vegas in 1998, and plans to teach at Interop and at The Internet Security Conference (TISC) in 1999.

Since 1987, Ed has been an active trade press writer. He has over eighty books to his credit, ranging from the best-selling HTML for Dummies (4th edition; co-authored with Stephen N. James, IDG Books Worldwide, 1998) to the Exam Cram Series, which he originated for The Coriolis Group (over 14 titles from LANWrights in this series are available). Ed has written a variety of texts on Java, VRML, and CGI programming (all for IDG Books Worldwide). He is also the principal author of the AP Professional "Essentials series," co-authored with Margaret Robbins, which includes titles on network design, electronic mail, Internet access, and computer telephony.

At present, Ed is also the Series Editor for the Exam Cram series for The Coriolis Group, which targets Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSEs) as its primary audience.

When he is not writing, editing, teaching, consulting or holding the reins at LANWrights, he is often holding the leash of Blackie, his 80 pound Labrador Retriever.

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