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Natanya Pitts is a writer, trainer, and WebMaster. Her responsibilities at LANWrights include the development and maintenance of the company Web site, research and writing on Web- and HTML-related books, and development of related Internet- and networking training materials. "The Official BBEdit Book" (principal author: Bob LeVitus, ZD Press, 1997) is her authorial debut, but her ghostwriting credits include "Webmaster Macintosh," with Bob LeVitus and Jeff Evans, and the "Hip Pocket Guide to HTML 3.2" by Ed Tittel and James Michael Stewart. A 2nd edition of the "Hip Pocket Guide," with Natanya as an accredited author, has recently been completed for IDG for release later in December, 1997. Natanya is also the principal author of the forthcoming book from The Coriolis Group, to be entitled "The Design Guide to HTML Style Sheets," due for release in November, 1997 (that manuscript will be complete in mid-September, 1997).

In February, 1997 Ms. Pitts began teaching HTML and Web design classes at Austin Community College (ACC). Her courses, which include classes on "Beginning HTML," "Intermediate HTML," and a variety of advanced HTML topics (including Frames, Shockwave, and Animation techniques), have become so popular it looks like she has a guarantee of lifetime employment!

At present, Natanya's involved in converting her ACC classroom materials from conventional PowerPoint presentations, to an HTML- and Java-based implementation for Web-based delivery. The only way she can reach more students is to extend her reach into the "virtual classroom." To that end, she's spearheading LANWright's push into Web-based training, and repurposing of existing materials.

Natanya will also be teaching classes on Web design and intranet site management techniques, at the Intranet Society's Intranet Implementation and Operations Conferences in Washington, DC, in November, 1997, and in San Diego, in March, 1998. Natanya graduated from the University of Texas in 1993 with a BA in Latin and is a certified Social Studies and Journalism teacher. Prior to her employment at LANWrights in 1996, Natanya was the WebMaster for Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, an educational research institution and think tank, where she also mastered educational CDs, and helped affiliate institutions with their Web sites.

When Natanya's not attached at the hip, or rather wrist, to her computer, Natanya enjoys two-steppin', reading, working out, and complicating her fiance's life. Her impending nuptuals at the end of 1997 promise something of a change in lifestyle ahead, but it's nothing that an aspiring "Queen of the Universe" can't handle!

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