FTP Resources

Listed below are compressed archives of the HTML files and graphics which make up the HTML for Dummies web site. You should be able to find a compression type which suits your computer platform. If you have trouble please contact us by e-mail. If you have difficulty downloading a file, please try direct anonymous FTP at:

HOST: ftp.lanw.com
USERNAME: html4dum
PASSWORD: password

Click on the filename to download:

File Type MAC Windows UNIX
HTML pages h4d4e.sea.hqx h4d4e.zip h4d4e.tar
CGI Files cgis.sea.hqx cgis.zip cgis.tar
Templates Templates (.sea.hqx) Templates (.zip) Templates (.tar)

Windows files are archived with PKZip 2.04g.
Unix files are archived with tar.
Macintosh files are archived with .sea and .hqx - Please use BinHex 4.0 or higher to convert from hex to binary, then double-click to extract the file's contents.

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