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The Approval


Obtaining approval is an important step before diving into full development and site creation. Try to get as much feedback as possible from the people who count -- supervisors, clients, and so on -- before you start creating too much new material. This front-end feedback can reduce the amount of wasted effort when you must replace, change, or remove items from a site later in the process. If you find out early on that nobody likes the color scheme, you won’t need to spend more time later adjusting color patterns on every icon, button, and graphic.

The information you need to solicit in the reviews of a proof of concept implementation must include opinions about the following:

Our approvals often come from our contracted customers. More often than not, we obtain an across-the-board go-ahead, with only a few minor changes requested.

Tip Icon If you receive a significant level of feedback that requires rethinking major portions of your site, create another proof of concept version and seek approval again.

Remember, preplanning and preapproval provide a way satisfy most people early in the process and can prevent the need to repeat work when your concept meets someone else’s reality. You also need to readjust your schedule and timeline if a major overhaul of the proof of concept is warranted. Give yourself plenty of time to rework the initial site and complete the final version.

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