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Automatically converting existing text documents into HTML is supported by several of the current crop of HTML editors, word processors, and the stand-alone converters, such as HTML Transit and WebMaker. They work quickly and easily. For example, if you use Word 97 for Windows, simply open a standard Word document; then save the file in HTML format via the Save As command and it’s converted. Most of the text formatting that really counts, including headings, is converted.

The following two stand-alone converters are examples of the numerous converters available on every conceivable computer platform to convert virtually every file format to HTML and sometimes back again. HTML Transit imports and converts a large number of file formats, whereas WebMaker is designed specifically to convert FrameMaker files. If you have many highly formatted files that you want to convert to HTML for Web display, check into these two systems and the other you can find at the URLs listed at the end of this section.

HTML Transit

HTML Transit, from InfoAccess, Inc., reads the structure of the source document, recognizing elements such as headings, subheads, bullets, images, and so on. HTML Transit then creates a default template based on this structure that becomes the foundation for one-button generation of HTML documents. HTML Transit offers direct translation of all major word processing formats and all major graphics formats.

HTML Transit is based on over a decade of electronic publishing experience by InfoAccess (formerly OWL International), which produced the industry’s first commercially available hypertext product ten years ago. Their $45,000 GUIDE Professional Publisher was the model for HTML Transit’s template-based architecture.

Web Icon With a well-formatted word processor or page layout file and HTML Transit, you may not need an HTML “editor” at all. Although HTML Transit is a bit expensive, it may just be what you’re looking for. Have a look for yourself at

WebMaker 3.5

WebMaker 3.5 from the Harlequin Group Limited is a new and promising FrameMaker converter and, with its low price, is quite a deal for FrameMaker users. WebMaker is a powerful, easy-to-use Web publishing solution for the creation of full-featured Web pages from FrameMaker documents. WebMaker’s conversion capabilities convert FrameMaker documents and books to HTML complete with graphics, tables, and equations.

WebMaker takes full advantage of the layout styles you apply in FrameMaker to let you define specialized layout styles for Web publishing. Customization and hyperlinking are accomplished and automated easily and produce fast, predictable results. After you complete the conversion, you can use the conversion template you create over and over again to automatically convert documents to HTML in the format you’ve specified. No additional work is required no matter how many pages, documents, or books you decide to convert.

Web Icon WebMaker is available for Windows at

Web Icon

For a look at the myriad other HTML converters and filters, start your surfing at these sites:

You sure are a glutton for information if you’ve read this far! Congratulations, you must be really stuck on the Web. Grab one of these HTML editors or authoring systems and get cracking on your own super Web. See ya on the Web.

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