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Word Processors as HTML Editors


If you’re joined at the hip to Microsoft Word 97 for Windows, Corel WordPerfect 8.0 for Windows, or Lotus Word Pro 97 for Windows, you may be interested in trying their built-in HTML editing and site management features. These features provide adequate HTML assistance but aren’t really in the same ballpark with the better stand-alone WYSIWYG Web development and HTML editing systems. If you already own one of these word processing programs, the Web functionality is free. So for now, you may want to use your favorite of the three for text and for Web development.

As an example of these, Word 97 for Windows has a nice WYSIWYG editing window with a good number of functions in its toolbar. This program’s functionality is adequate for a word processor turned Web document editor. However, who knows what Microsoft will do in the long-term with its problem of having both Word 97 and FrontPage as Web document development systems. But why worry about that now? If you own it, give it a try for your Web development.

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See the following sites for their respective information on Microsoft Word 97 for Windows, Corel WordPerfect 8.0 for Windows, and Lotus Word Pro 97 for Windows:

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