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One HTML code editor has risen to the top of the heap as the all-around best available today. That code editor is HomeSite by Nick Bradbury. He recently chose Allaire Corporation to market HomeSite 2.5 and future versions.

HomeSite 3.0

HomeSite 3.0 is available on Allaire’s Web site for evaluation and purchase. HomeSite is an extremely feature-rich HTML editor for both the beginner and the professional. You edit the HTML directly but can instantly get a browser view by clicking a tab.

HomeSite color-codes the HTML to help you in your editing. It uses drag-and-drop and right mouse-click menus. The integrated spell checker and global search and replace can check your spelling and update entire projects, folders, and files simultaneously. You can use the image and thumbnail viewers to browse image libraries directly in your editor.

HomeSite even has customizable toolbars and menus. Add to that an extensive online help system to access documentation on HTML and other popular scripting languages, and you have an impressive system. But there’s even more. HomeSite helps you with your project management, provides for link verification, internally validates your HTML, and opens and uploads your files to your remote Web server.

HomeSite contains Code Wizards to help you build frames and tables, and it creates JavaScript client-side scripts. It also contains Cold Fusion and Active Server Toolbars to help you add scripts and tags from these popular Web application development tools.

Web Icon HomeSite supports custom style sheets, HTML 3.2, Netscape and Microsoft HTML extensions, embedded multimedia, and ActiveX and Java controls. Check out HomeSite at

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