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Webbing Up Windows


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Amazing, richly featured, and user-friendly HTML authoring tools for Windows-based systems are legion nowadays. Many represent the latest and greatest versions of shareware HTML editors. All the really good programs result from years of refinement and make use of the latest features that Windows 95, and increasingly, Windows NT, have to offer.

You now have your choice of HTML editors to help you work directly with HTML, and WYSIWYG (for What You See Is What You Get, or graphically accurate) Web builders that hide HTML code and let you create Web documents directly on screen by clicking buttons and dragging and dropping elements. In addition, you can convert or filter almost any file type into or out of HTML by using one of the latest word processors with an HTML output or by using one of the zillions of HTML utility programs available for Windows.

Many Windows-based HTML authoring systems are shareware. Most of the commercial Windows HTML authoring packages offer freeware versions for download, and many are relatively inexpensive anyway (under $50). Keep in mind that the free and shareware Windows HTML authoring tools aren’t supported the same way as commercial products. But then, they don’t cost much, either. Thankfully, these tools are easy to learn because they use familiar text editor icons and methods. In any case, if you’ve ever used a Windows word processor, you can handle one of these tools easily.

Surveying the Field of HTML Software

WYSIWYG Web Authoring Systems

HTML Code Editors

Word Processors as HTML Editors

Filters and File Converters

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