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Filtering and Converting Your UNIX Files


Because so many different file types are used on UNIX systems, a long list of HTML filters and converters has accumulated over the past few years. URLs to these lists are given at the end of this section. These programs transform text, RTF, FrameMaker, or other file types into an HTML-tagged file based on the original file’s formatting. Of course, these converters are only as good as their HTML rule sets, and their authors’ abilities to guess what you really want. In general, they give you a head start on converting existing files to HTML documents. WebMaker and WebWorks Publisher are two especially promising new entries into the FrameMaker conversion arena.


WebMaker 3.0 from the Harlequin Group Limited is a powerful FrameMaker converter. WebMaker is an automatic, easy-to-use Web publishing program for creation of Web pages from FrameMaker documents. Its conversion capabilities convert FrameMaker documents and books to HTML, complete with graphics, tables, and equations.

WebMaker takes advantage of the layout styles applied in FrameMaker to let you define specialized layout styles for Web publishing. Customization and hyperlinking are automated. After you complete the conversion, the conversion template you create can be used again to automatically convert documents to HTML in the format you’ve specified.

Web Icon WebMaker is available on several versions of UNIX, as well as Windows and Macintosh platforms at

WebWorks Publisher

WebWorks Publisher 3.5 from Quadralay also works with FrameMaker and FrameBuilder. WebWorks Publisher is an easy-to-use, full-featured system for the creation and maintenance of Web pages and hypermedia documents. It lets you design and maintain your complete documentation base in one single master version and then produces both print media and electronic hypermedia tailored to Web distribution, and even online help.

WebWorks Publisher can handle complex text, graphics, and hyperlinks. It makes full use of the layout and style information embedded in your original documents to automatically produce HTML documents. When you use WebWorks Publisher in conjunction with FrameMaker, you can convert documents from file formats including Microsoft Word and WordPerfect. It is available for Solaris SPARC, SunOS SPARC, HP/UX, SGI IRIX, IBM AIX, and Microsoft Windows NT, among others.

Web Icon You may obtain more information and download an evaluation copy from:

Web Icon

Lists of UNIX helper and filter programs are available at:

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